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Experimental Monotype Workshop - August 2022

As a part of my residency at Love Texas Art, I led a hands-on instruction on experimental monotype printmaking. This was the first workshop in the new Love Texas Art Studio Space!

Participants learned three methods of the monotype process (additive, reductive, and trace) in making a unique multilayered work of art.

Artist in Residence at Love Texas Art 2022

I join forces with gallery owner/artist Ariel Davis, and artists Bernardo Vallarino and Mariel Guzman for a year-long residency at Love Texas Art to investigate my art practice and dedicate more time towards creating new work.

Sundance Square Christmas Ornament - December 2021

Selected artist to design a unique Christmas Ornament for the 2021 Sundance Square Christmas tree in Fort Worth Texas.  My design incorporated the gamebirds and waterfowl I have been interested in as well as the iconic winged Mobil oil Pegasus.

Organized by Sundance Square, Artspace 111, and Art Tooth in Fort Worth, TX.

'Creatures of Comfort', 2019

A Collaborative show between Stu Shaskan and I at Voertman's Gallery in Denton, TX.  The works in the exhibit explored the spontaneity of our inner childlike tendencies with explicit use of bright colors and serendipitous mashups of our individual styles. The work churned out between us in the two quick months leading up to the show turned out really vibrant, raw, and playful.  It was an exciting time during our undergrad where we relied heavily upon our resourcefulness and decisiveness in our art practice and DIY lifestyle.

The show was up at Voertmans Gallery (Address: 1314 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201) June 1st - 28th with a reception on the 27th featuring a performance by "Dr Stu and his Boogy Crew".

ARThaus TEE, 2019

Showcasing ARThaus founder Zhaira Costiniano's passion for orange juice.  The shirt was designed as a campaign to generate funds for ARThaus community events and workshops.

40 shirts were printed and sold out.

'Brite Girl' Mural, 2018

In 2018, M2G Ventures hired me to make an inspiring mural for their project Fort Worth, TX - Inspiration Alley .

In my design I chose to do a painting of the inspiring Fort Worth figure, Nico Perez, a local whose expressive attire and outspoken kindness felt very Fort Worth to me.  As a symbol of Nico's courage and identity, I painted a reflective star balloon floating bravely amidst sharp yucca plants.

Featured photo by Jordan Rodriguez


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