As a selected artist for Wild West Mural Fest 2020 Kyle designed a work titled Obliteration of the Invisible Wall.  The design incorporated the use of a paint-loaded fire extinguisher which was used to obliterate parts of the image.

The idea for this project came from a lattice brick wall the artist had seen on a walk in a nearby neighborhood.  Relating to the permeability of the structure, Kyle had thought about his own ability to let the world in and touch him.  But also his inability to experience the world purely as it were because of his own stigmas and beliefs as he had been accustomed to in his upbringing.  Frustrated by this thought, the artist wished to obliterate this invisible barrier, thus obliterate the sense of self if only for a moment to experience the world purely as it were.

The location for this work was on the facade of a retired welding shop set to be demolished within a year after completing the mural.  The setting was appropriate for continuing the theme of creation, destruction, and transformation.  The surrounding area of Oak Cliff was at the time going through a dramatic transformation.

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