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'Brite Girl' Mural, 2018

Fort Worth, TX - Inspiration Alley

'Brite Girl' is a symbol of courage and identity.  Nico, in the cowboy hat, is a local of Fort Worth and a progressive member of the community.  To represent Nico's unflinching strength and awareness I painted a reflective star balloon floating amidst sharp yucca plants.

Featured photo by Jordan Rodriguez

'Creatures of Comfort' 

Stu Shaskan and Kyle Hanson unleash their wild side in taking over Voertmans Gallery with their collaborative show "Creatures of Comfort".  Works in the exhibit explore the spontaneity of their inner childlike tendencies.  With explicit use of bright colors and mashups of their individual styles, the work is vibrant, raw and vulnerable.  Within obtuse forms and simplified renderings of playful and sometimes dismal scenarios the work is head-on and sincere.  Stu and Kyle explain that a sense of comfort lies in this direct way of simplifying intense emotion into an image that is "served to you on a platter".. They explain that the work can easily be devoured without any extraneous thought or explanation.

The show is up at Voertmans Gallery (Address: 1314 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201) June 1st - 28th with a reception on the 27th featuring a performance by "Dr Stu and his Boogy Crew".

ARThaus TEE, 2019

Showcasing ARThaus founder Zhaira's passion for OJ.  The T shirt was designed as a campaign to generate funds for ARThaus community events and workshops.

40 shirts were printed and sold out.

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